Let’s Visit Paris, France

 From the beaches of Normandy to the Louvre Museum, there is something for everyone in France. There are more than 2,500 things to see and do in France. The many sidewalk cafes, au chocolat can alone, fill your day. Then there are the many popular Paris day trips to choose from. Visit Musee d’Orsay, Pont Alexandre III, Sainte-Chapelle, Mont-Saint-Michel and many other historical sites. The Louvre Museum is arguably the best museum in the world.      Paris is a bustling city with lots of nightlife, an abundance of historical landmarks, exquisite food and just about any kind of activity one may be looking to find. The many great concerts, […]

Great Ideas for Getting Free Publicity

     Here are 3 great ways that will help you get free publicity for your project. Idea 1      Take a survey that includes controversial questions.  Use the results of your survey to write articles.  The public loves to read the results of controversial surveys.   The more controversial the better! To get started one can use a survey software like surveymonkey.com and place your survey on your website.  Social media sites like Facebook are great for creating surveys.  Display your results on your website and write articles based on your answers.   Results can also be published on social sites and article databases.       Be sure to submit a press release […]

Travel – London, United Kingdom

     London is a great place to travel with many things to see and do.  History was made in England.  Enjoy the many available tours – see the crown jewels and Buckingham Palace.  There are literally thousands of historical things to see and do in England, such as the British Museum, Churchill’s War Rooms, Stonehenge, Hyde Park as well as the changing of the guard – to mention a few.      There are tours for almost everything and the guides are well versed in British history.  The London taxi drivers are also a great source of historical information.  Come see where so much history was made and experience a little […]

What are Hillary’s qualifications for the Presidency?

  Hillary’s qualifications are:     she lied under oath about what went down in Benghazi she committed mass voter fraud she kept military members from having their vote counted she used secret private server with classified material to hide her activities she supports the NSA in monitoring our personal phone calls and emails she uses the Clinton Foundation for tax evasion, money laundering and taking bribes from foreign countries she supports drones being operated in the United States outside of the law she gave “123 Technologies” $300 Million, and right afterward it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese she wants to arm the Muslim Brotherhood and hire […]

What is so Important About Publicity?

What is so Important About Publicity?

     In order to get visitors coming to your business you need exposure so people can find you.  If people cannot find you then they cannot buy anything from you.  That is common sense.       The problem is how to get people to know about and find your business.  This is doubly true for an online business.  The answer is publicity and plenty of it.       How to get free publicity for your enterprise is the next problem.  Some businesses pay allot of money for publicity.  They advertise on television or radio but that is too costly for most people.  Many people place their products on a website but with […]

Video Marketing on Youtube

Video Marketing on Youtube

“6-Figure Video Marketing Pro Unveils his Best-Kept Secrets to Get More Views, Subscribers, and Leads with YOUR YouTube Videos in 24 Hours or Less”      YouTube receives over 230 Billion Video Views per month and is on one of the largest online communities in the world. Learn how to market your videos in this monster community. Videos are quickly becoming the most popular way for online users to consume information. Most people use YouTube to begin every video search. Learn how to put your video in front of users who are searching for things related to your product or service. Learn to do just that in this training course. […]

Retargeting Pixels

Retargeting Pixels

     Retargeting is what separates the amateurs from the pros in online marketing. Learn how to Retarget.  If people are visiting your website, then it is absolutely essential that you are remarketing to them.  Retargeting allows you to track users that have visited your website and then serve them ads on other websites after they have left.       Remarketing can increase your conversion rates by up to 70%.  Don’t pass up this opportunity!  Learn the best way to turn leads to conversions after they’ve left your landing page.  An online marketer that is not a master of Retargeting will simply watch his leads walk out the door without ever looking […]


     This is a Free One Hour Tritter tutorial with a breakthrough Case Study.  This simple 2-step proven process can be completely automated, and YES you can target YOUR most profitable keywords and prospects.      Learn to leverage one of the world’s largest social media communities to bring leads to you!  Twitter has become an essential tool for online markets, and yet few know how to tap into its full potential. Make serious cash with 140 characters or less. Sign up now! GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH  TWITTER  MARKETING!  GET EVEN MORE USERS TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR BRAND USING THIS STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO GUIDED TRAINING!   DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN UTILIZE TWITTER […]

Facebook Bonanza

Facebook  Bonanza

Want to Make  $400 a Day? If you have a Smartphone/Computer, Facebook Account and an Internet Connection – You can Learn how to make money on the internet using Facebook Quick and easy setup No technical skills required Build a new source of income Set your own hours and be your own boss Get started immediately Join the hundreds who have already made money using this system Want to Make Real Money with Social Media Marketing? Here are some of the benefits of joining Facebook Bonanza: You can learn to make up to $6500/month You can dump that dead end job and be your own boss You can start paying off your […]

Become A Facebook Champion

                                       Discover exactly how to take your Facebook campaign to the next level.  This advanced training is based on actual experience and not just ideas.  It will take you from Zero to Hero in a few simple moments.  Learn how to – Stay Out of Facebook Jail!      Discover why Facebook is the most amazing traffic source and what you need to do to take advantage of it.  Get introduced to some great secrets on how to use Facebook to find quality traffic.  In order to really get Facebook to work, you need […]