images 5    It really smells like a cover-up.  Ex-President Richard Nixon did not get away will erasing a few of his taped conversations, during the Watergate scandal.  What Hillary Clinton has done is potentially much more serious than the Nixon erasures.  Hillary probably put American lives in jeopardy or she may have passed top secret information to countries that are potentially enemies of the United States.  NO one knows for sure because the evidence was destroyed.  If not – then why did she destroy so many emails without letting the FBI see them? 

At issue are the 30,000 emails that Clinton generated while she was the Secretary of State – and then she deleted the 30,000 emails because she did not want the authorities or the public to see them.  These 30,000 emails were never released to anyone.  Why Hillary – what are you hiding?  Was it necessary to delete or at least hide 30,000 emails? 

     What about the agreement you were required to sign when taking office – that no sensitive documents are allowed to be taken out of the State Department offices?   The Television news reported that  8 or 10 of your staff also had access to your top secret emails – and they did not have the necessary clearances.  Why Hillary? 

     Even when U.S. District Court judge Randy Moss ordered the State Department lawyers to release at least part of the secret filing public, Hillary would not comply with the order.  What happened Hillary?  What is so important to you that you would not even want to comply with a federal judge’s order? 

     Reportedly, the State Department said that releasing the sensitive material  in the emails, if released, will harm its own investigation.  This is amazing to me, that they let the department that created the problem – investigate itself.  Do you really think that Adolf Hilter or Saddam Hussain would find any guilt in their actions if they were left to investigate themselves?  This is utter nonsense!   

     Hillary Clinton is judged by a whole different set of rules and regulations than everyone else is the United States.  She is not the President yet – she does not deserve a pass on this issue.  If you look at her history – Hillary has many other unanswered questions about illegalities as well.  Hillary’s life has been fraught with investigation after investigation.  My fore-fathers used to say – where there is smoke there is fire.  When the forest is burning how can one say there is no fire?

     There will be a woman President and that will certainly happen in the near future – BUT do we Americans really want Hillary as President?  Are we that desperate?

     If HILLARY did not commit a crime – at the very least she is a careless and dangerous woman.  Disregarding regulations about the handling of top secret information is criminal or at least dangerously negligent.  It is hard to believe that a lawyer, and ex-president’s wife, a first lady, the Director of the State Department – did not know what she was doing when she took home top secret documents and conducted business in an illegal manner.  Either way – one certainly should not want a person who is that careless representing them in the highest office of our land.  There is too much smoke to be no fire!

     I urge you to – vote against – Hillary Clinton!

(Information taken from an AP release on 21 April  and from Television news)


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