Affiliate Marketing 101

If you are new to affiliate marketing or if you would like to become a super affiliate, you must first understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Although you may understand the basic premise of Affiliate Marketing – “I get a commission for referring a sale,” – you must also know how your sales are tracked. You should know what types of affiliates perform best. You should understand the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network? If you do not know the answer to any of the above, then this course is for you.

There are 5 modules containng 18 videos in this affiliate marketing course. You can watch them in any order depending are your personal affiliate marketing skills.

Module 1 – Birds Eye View – will give you some key insights into affiliate marketing and why you should engage in it.

Module 2 – How Affiliate Marketing Works – helps you to understand what you need to know to become a successful affiliate. It will explain affiliate ID’s, cookies, pay terms, what to look for, what to avoid and much more.

Module 3 – Types of Affiliate Platforms – explains the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network. In addition, this mode will review several of the most popular affiliate networks.

Module 4 – Types of Publishers – is the most important part of affiliate marketing to understand. It will explain the kind of publisher you should be and why.

Module 5 – Getting Started – explains everything you need to do to get started as an affiliate marketer. Applying what you learn in this module will send start you on your way to success.