Phnom Penh is a friendly, energetic and bustling city. The Capitol City of Cambodia has a population just over 1.5 million with females slightly outnumbering males. Phnom Penh is very safe and welcomes westerners with open arms.

With many historical sites to visit and plenty of night life, Phnom Penh has plenty of things to keep one busy. Nice, comfortable apartments can be rented for between $150 and $250 a month. With little effort you can find a place to live that suits your life style and your pocket book.

Many Westerners retire to Cambodia on their Social Security pension of about $1,000 a month. The Cambodia residence processing procedure is fairly simple and not too expensive for an annual visa. Food is inexpensive and one can easily eat out every night for about $3 to $4 a day.

Domestic helpers are also available for under $100 a month and they will cook, clean, wash clothes, do your shopping and remove all the headaches of living – leaving one to decide what leisurely thing to do each day.
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