Hillary – The American People are Stupid!

     6 August 2014.  Just like Adolf Hitler, Hillary Clinton believes that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough – people will believe you.  Hillary continually lies when question by the media.      When questioned in an interview by Chris Wallace and Fox News Sunday,  Hillary continued to lie.  She said she did not lie to the FBI and what she told the FBI was consistent with what she told the American people.  The truth is – FBI Director Comey said she did not lie to the FBI but she did lie to the American public.  Lying to the FBI is a crime – lying to the […]

Hillary says – Raise taxes on the middle class!

3 August 2016.  Hillary makes her position on taxes very clear in this attached video.  Watch Hillary speak in this 30 second video  – she promises to attack the middle class by reducing their ability to feed their families.  Hillary will raise taxes on the middle classes on America.  I know it is very hard to meet family needs on a $50,000 a year  income.  Now it will become even harder with this renewed attack by Hillary to take away the hard earned money of middle class working families.  Even a hundred thousand dollar a year  income does not leave room for frills.  Mortgage payments or rent, food, medical (now […]

Obama’s radical racist Position Gets 3 Officers Killed in Baton Rogue

     Breaking news 17 July 2116.  The president’s lack of concern for all lives in favor of black lives only – has just come home to roost again.  News reports now being aired are saying 6 Baton Rouge Officers were just shot – 3 of the police officers are now reported to have died.  Does this make you happy Mr. President?  What great comments do you have this time.  That is NOT NEWS to be smiling about Mr. President!      Personally, I consider this a direct result of the encouragement given by President Obama to all radicals and minorities that are discontented.  ISIS followers seem to be taking their cue […]

Get a Divorce Online

     Our easy to use divorce interview will guide you through the online divorce process in under an hour.  All you need to do is answer the questions and we will create the forms for you.  No waiting and no need to pay for an expensive attorney.  After you register and answer a few questions, we will select the forms for your county and state, complete them online, and deliver them to you, or you can download the completed forms online.      We are one of the leading providers of a do it yourself divorce preparation service.  Your documents are done right which makes your divorce easy.  There is no need to fumble through […]

Hillary’s Email Scandle Exposed by the FBI

Hillary’s Email Scandle Exposed by the FBI

Penned 13 July 2016.  Reported by Megan Kelley, “a year-long investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal is over”.   Ending with a devastating account of how the former Secretary of State has systematically mislead the American people for 16 months about almost every facet of the scandal.  Sixteen months ago the American people learned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was conducting the business of the United States government from a private email account, managed on her own private email server, kept at her home in New York.  This was done outside of the control of the United States government  ignoring the protocols required for the handling of  classified information.  […]

Dirt Bag Shooter & Obama: Judge Jeanine Opening Statement

Dirt Bag Shooter & Obama: Judge Jeanine Opening Statement

     Review of segment dated 9 July 2016.  Judge Jeanine says Americans have moved beyond the racial issue when it elected a black man as President of the United States 2 times.  “Americans overwhelmingly voted for the man, blind to his color”.  “Color made no difference to voters – long past the issue of race”.  We are long past the civil war and long past the civil rights era, Americans focus more on the content of the character than the color of the skin.      This week’s killing of Dallas police officers and 2 civilians is a reflection of a new deep division created by President Obama.  The shooting in […]

More on Trump – continued

     In Donald Trump’s recent book, Crippled America,  he says,  “I’m a really nice guy, believe me, I pride myself on being a nice guy but I’m also passionate and determined to make our country great again”.                                                      Vote to Make America Great Again – Vote Trump!      Donald Trump believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is “trouble”.  He mocks former Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley who apologized to members of the militant movement – for what he believed was police brutality.  Yes, black lives do matter, but so do white lives, and the lives of every human being.  Vote to Make America Great Again – Vote Trump!      Climate […]

More Reasons to Vote Trump for President

     Current unemployment statistics are wrong.  The real unemployment rate is closer to 20% and the jobs available are low paying, undesirable jobs for the most part.  Donald Trump does not want anyone who earns less than $25,000 a year, to pay any income tax.  No income tax to be paid by people earning less than $25,000 a year!  Business tax will be lowered to 15% – which would bring jobs back to the United States.  Vote for change – Vote Trump for President.      The Obamacare, TAX, is a disaster and many Americans are suffering under the oppression of this tax.  Donald Trump says he favors repealing President Obama’s […]

30,000 Emails Hillary: and the FBI says There is Nothing Wrong?

    It really smells like a cover-up.  Ex-President Richard Nixon did not get away will erasing a few of his taped conversations, during the Watergate scandal.  What Hillary Clinton has done is potentially much more serious than the Nixon erasures.  Hillary probably put American lives in jeopardy or she may have passed top secret information to countries that are potentially enemies of the United States.  NO one knows for sure because the evidence was destroyed.  If not – then why did she destroy so many emails without letting the FBI see them?  At issue are the 30,000 emails that Clinton generated while she was the Secretary of State – and […]

Terrorists Attack Dallas Police: Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s  stance is for the safety and well being of U.S. citizens.       Although the media continues to not report much of the Muslim anti U.S. activities – carried out by Arab-Americans – Trump points out that after the terrorist cowards flew their 2 hijacked planes into the twin towers on 9/11 – there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating the event in New Jersey.  Trump says that such public demonstrations “tell us something” about Muslims living in the United States.  It also speaks to the insane policy of President Obama to continue bringing into the United States more of these undesirable, America Hating, demonic individuals.   Vote Donald Trump and […]