Dirt Bag Shooter & Obama: Judge Jeanine Opening Statement

     Review of segment dated 9 July 2016.  Judge Jeanine says Americans have moved beyond the racial issue when it elected a black man as President of the United States 2 times.  “Americans overwhelmingly voted for the man, blind to his color”.  “Color made no difference to voters – long past the issue of race”.  We are long past the civil war and long past the civil rights era, Americans focus more on the content of the character than the color of the skin.

     This week’s killing of Dallas police officers and 2 civilians is a reflection of a new deep division created images 11by President Obama.  The shooting in Dallas was not just about racism but make no mistake – that shooter in Dallas that killed 5 police officers was a racist.  He was an African American and he wanted to kill only white people, especially white officers.  Hillary is just a continuation of Obama’s policies. (Added by the writer)

      The shooting in Dallas was not about police brutality.  “Police brutality is color blind, it crosses all racial and ethnic lines, I know because I prosecuted them”.  The shooting was not about guns either.  Dallas was about anarchy, it was about lawlessness.  It was about rhetoric.  Rhetoric that too easily inflames those who feel they have been wronged.  “Rhetoric that does nothing but repeatedly stoke the flames and scars of old wounds”. 

      Our President attempts to explain and reconcile murders in the name of Allah at a breakfast, by saying in so many words, that the Crusades and slavery in the United States is the blame for the murders.  Instead of talking about the 12 officers that were shot in Dallas, Obama talks about 2 individuals who were shot in other states.  Obama claims that African Americans and Latinos are treated differently in our criminal justice system.  Every chance Obama gets, “he stokes the flames”.  

     Talking with a reporter on the scene 2 days after the shooting, he says that black Americans, white Americans, Asian Americans – everyone has united and come together in the aftermath of the shooting. 

      (Where is the racism President Obama?)

     This is about 31/2 minutes of an 11 minutes video segment.  Paste the link below in your address bar to hear the entire segment: 


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