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Islam in the USA    Germany, along with every other European nation that’s allowed Muslim migrants to flood into their country, is dealing with a major issue with sexual assaults on women of all ages, and little girls are no exception. People are fed up, and it shows. When a German man saw a group of Muslim men molesting a little girl on a bus, he intervened to try to stop it, but look what happened to him as a result.  (He was beaten for his attempt)

     The video pretty much speaks for itself, and shows what happened after an older white German male intervened after a group of Muslim men were trying to molest a young girl on the subway. It’s unknown which city the incident took place in; however, it sheds much light onto what the German people are having to deal with thanks to irresponsible leaders.

Watch Islam’s finest beating this man for trying to help an innocent young girl.                                             Added by Wejus Pendit