Bubiness 2Ideas you can use to get free publicity.

Idea – 4

     Write an article or essay about something interesting in your business.  Write about something you think other people would like to know – something that many people may not know. 

     If you write about something appealing, interesting or informative – the media may want to know about it also – and they will give you publicity just so they can use your story to fill up their air time or space in their periodical.

     Write about something as unique as possible and publish it online or publish it in a local publication of some kind.  Be sure you contact the media about it and there is a good possibility that reporters will knock at your door looking for an exclusive. 

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Idea – 5

     Look for opportunities in the economy that you can you can benefit from.  When there is a downturn in the economy businesses are scrambling to stay afloat.  They reduce their spending by cutting back on expenses.  Try to provide a proven plan to boost profit potential and advertise it.  Businesses will want to know how you did it.  The energy created by your idea will bring in the media as well, because the media is effected by the economy also. 

     Find something that people are looking for and apply it in your business.  Remember the 3 great necessities that are needed no-matter how bad the economy gets.  People always need food to eat, shelter to stay out of the weather and clothes to stay warm.  Try to satisfy one of these 3 basic needs because they are always in demand.  If you can somehow piggyback these products into your business – when you gain a modicum of success – the media will pick up on it bringing you plenty of free advertising. 


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Idea – 6

     Most business people already now that approximately 80% of their annual income is generated during the Christmas holiday season.  Tie your business to the holidays and special events.  If you have a business or an idea that will help reduce the pressures brought-on by the Christmas season – then tell the media about it. 

     Anything related to the holidays that will help consumers alleviate stress is something media will make a great effort to cover. The media especially likes stories about people helping the hungry and the homeless.  If you can come-up with idea that ties your business to these types of sentimental projects – you should write an article about it and send it to the local media for their use.  You may also want to publish your article on your site and send in a news release to let the media know about it. 


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