Great Ideas for Getting Free Publicity- Part 4

Ideas you can use to get free publicity.

Idea 10

     Set-up an out of the ordinary contest for your followers to take part in.  Make it something that will grab their attention so they will want to participate.  People love getting involved in contests as long as there is something in the competition to make it worth their while to compete.  People and the media love to get involved in these types of unusual events and they are great to cover so be sure to invite the media. 

     When you decide on the type of contest, be sure to advertise it to get people involved or send out a news release that gives details about the contest and how it will be conducted.

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Idea 11

     Have a customer appreciation event.  Try to arrange the event around a major holiday and set the theme to that holiday.  If it is a physical event then maybe have a party in a restaurant or some other appropriate place.  If it is an internet event then design your activities to fit the venue.  Maybe the event is tapered to the holiday and the prize is for some special recognition, for example.  

     People love to have fun, they love competition and they love seeing themselves in the victory circle as the winner.  Customers love to be appreciated and acknowledged.  Try to find a way to provide something for your followers or customers to accentuate themselves for their loyalty and patronage. 

     People love seeing their names in the headlines and receiving that impromptu pat on the back from people they meet.  The media may want to cover this event as well, especially is there is a human interest story to be told.  Invite the media to participate in the event, if it is interesting enough they will be happy to do the story. 


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Idea 12

     If you have a customer that is using your product and it has made him successful, or if your product is being used in a unique way that will inspire interest – contact the media and let them know about it.  If the media runs with the story your sales could skyrocket. 

     Anything health related sparks interest, especially in the weight loss arena.  If you are in that niche and if you have a product that people are having success with – then let the media know.  Every woman and allot of men are conscious of their weight and want to know about weight-loss success stories.  The media is aware of this and are eager to cover these types of stories. 

     Whatever your business or product may be – send out a news release about the customer and do not forget to include some details about your business etcetera.  If the story is interesting the media will contact you.  If you build it -they will come!

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