Here are 3 great ways that will help you get free publicity for your project.

Idea 1

     Take a survey that includes controversial questions.  Use the results of your survey to write articles.  The public loves to read the results of controversial surveys.   The more controversial the better!

To get started one can use a survey software like and place your survey on your website.  Social media sites like Facebook are great for creating surveys.  Display your results on your website and write articles based on your answers.   Results can also be published on social sites and article databases. 

     Be sure to submit a press release about the results of your survey to get the biggest bang for your effort. 

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Idea 2

     Create a list of the top 8 or 10 things you do in your business or whatever.   If you are an affiliate marketer your might write about the  best ways to find or promote affiliate products.   Anything you can produce that is unique or interesting is newsworthy and attracts attention.   The media is always looking for items to fill either a time-slot or space in a publication. 

     Write an article about something  and make it as distinctive and captivating as possible.   Put some thought into your effort as it could bring a great reward to you.  Post the article on your website, as many social media sites as possible and then send out a press release.

Idea 3

     Create an award to be given away to a worthy patron or the 10,000th visitor to your site etcetera.  The media loves anything that is considered worthy as a news item and of interest to their viewers or readers. 

      The award to be given should be a tangible gift of some kind something to used immediately or will last as a memento to the receiver of the award.  Be sure it has some kind of value and have the media present the gift when it is awarded.  That should bring good publicity to your business.    


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