images 143 August 2016.  Hillary makes her position on taxes very clear in this attached video.  Watch Hillary speak in this 30 second video  – she promises to attack the middle class by reducing their ability to feed their families.  Hillary will raise taxes on the middle classes on America.  I know it is very hard to meet family needs on a $50,000 a year  income.  Now it will become even harder with this renewed attack by Hillary to take away the hard earned money of middle class working families.  Even a hundred thousand dollar a year  income does not leave room for frills.  Mortgage payments or rent, food, medical (now made worse by Obama care) transportation, insurance, clothes, schooling and other needs – eat up all the income. 

     During a speech to supporters in Omaha, Hillary Clinton said, she would raise taxes on the “middle class.”  The liberal crowd was cheering.  Billionaire Warren Buffet supports Hillary’s position as he joined her in Omaha.  The Question is, Why is Buffet supporting Hillary  if Hillary is bad for his business and personal taxes?  The answer is obvious – the rich will not be levied with higher taxes and because of their wealth – there will be loop-holes  that negate any increases in their tax payments.  Warren Buffet and the Bloombergs all know that they will have loop-holes to avoid taxes.     

     The tax structure is setup to harbor legal tax shenanigans.  Again the wealthy like Buffet, the Bloombergs and the Clintons will escape their tax burdens by shifting tax liability on to the middle class tax payers -who are just barely managing to stay afloat – or losing ground in our biased economy.   

     Parents just want to see their kids have a little better life than they did.  Hillary and the Obama administration want to expand the gap between the very rich elite and the rest of the people – to create a class society where the elite become the aristocracy and the middle classes and poor – are their slaves. 

     Let your voices be heard.  Vote for changeVote for Donald Trump!