Fraught with scandal, Hillary Clinton despite a 2 year cover-up by her State Department officials, is campaigning for the presidency as if she was beyond prosecution.   It was reported that Hillary’s criminal activity was finally revealed after attempts to fide them failed.  State Department officials revealed that for 2 years, they withheld an email that would have exposed her  for the criminal that she is.  (Official emails sent of a personal server is illegal)

     Despite the fact that Hillary wiped over 30,000 emails from her email server the State Department purposely withheld a 2012 email because it proved Clinton was using her government account for personal use and not State Department business. (Reported Radar Staff, according to the Judicial Watch)

     The State Department tried to cover-up the email by filing a secret court brief, hoping that a federal judge would hide tens of thousands of potentially felonious emails.  The withheld email, which was dated 29 September 2012, was sent by Hillary to then Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan.  The email talks about conversations between Clinton and some senators about the Benghazi attack.  The email was reported to also “contain Clinton’s address”.

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     Even today the State Department is willing to release only part of the contents of the email.  Part of the contents of this email is still being withheld because of the sensitive nature of the email.  Either Hillary talked about sensitive state secrets in an illegal manner or perhaps worse.  Why else would the State Department deem it important not to disclose the full contents of the email.

         Clinton was already  in hot water regarding financial cover-ups so this is just another chapter  in her life which is no surprise to anyone.  As the old saying goes –  a leopard cannot change its spots.

     Think about it people.  Is this the kind of woman we want to represent us in the highest office in our country?  She has total disregard for the welfare of all U.S. citizens.  She wants to repeal the second amendment.  She supports Obama care which is a disaster. If she is elected President – what will happen to out once glorious country?  It is inevitable that a woman will be President of the United States someday – but people – we need an honorable woman to represent us.  Please do not vote unwisely.

by Wejus Pendit

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