Hillary’s Email Scandle Exposed by the FBI

Penned 13 July 2016.  Reported by Megan Kelley, “a year-long investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal is over”.   Ending with a devastating account of how the former Secretary of State has systematically mislead the American people for 16 months about almost every facet of the scandal. 

images Sixteen months ago the American people learned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was conducting the business of the United States government from a private email account, managed on her own private email server, kept at her home in New York.  This was done outside of the control of the United States government  ignoring the protocols required for the handling of  classified information.    

     While Hillary has continually down played this entire affair, FBI Director James Comey announced that Hillary Clinton continually mislead the American people.  In other words – Hillary lied to the American people!  Hillary stated many times that she never sent or received any classified information on her personal email.

     Director James Comey, FBI, said, “from the group of 30,000 emails, returned to the State Department in 2014, 110 emails in 52 email chains, have been determined to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received”.  Hillary Lied!

     Hillary Clinton repeatedly claimed that she turned over all official emails to investigators and the American people could trust her…  Director Comey stated that the FBI also discovered several thousand emails that were work related and were not among the group of 30,000 emails returned by Secretary Clinton to the State, in 2014.  Some of these emails were also classified according to Director Comey.  Hillary Lied!

      Hillary stated that she thought it was easier to carry one device rather than two for her work and personal use.  Director Comey stated that Hillary “used numerous mobile devices”.  Hillary Lied!

      Next, Hillary stated that her unprecedented email setup was permitted by the rules. (May 26 video)  Director Comey said, “None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system”.  They were extremely careless in their handling of extremely sensitive, classified information.  No reasonable person could have believed that a person in Secretary Clinton’s position,  was acting appropriately.  This is only 4 minutes of a 10 1/2 minute video.                                                           

For a complete report, watch the video.  

 by Wejus Pendit

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