aeroplane_boeing_737_air_new_zealand_218019  From the days of Romulus and Remus to the once powerful Roman Empire where Christians and others were lead to their death by single gladiatorial combat or by being torn apart by lions and tigers. Come see the sites where Peter was crucified upside down, where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death, and the Vatican.  Rome’s rich history has something for everyone.  Do not miss the opportunity to visit and explore the Coliseum, the Borghese Gallery and the Sistine Chapel.  There are more than 3,100 great things to see – so put Italy or your list of places to visit. 

     There is not a shortage of great tours in Rome which boasts of 213 sightseeing tours and 240 private tours to choose from.  In addition, there are bike rental tours for those that are more energetic and Limo tours for those that want to see the sites in comfort.  

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     There is literally something for everyone to see and do in Italy,  including great museums to visit, numerous outdoor activities, water and amusement parks as well as zoos and Aquariums to fill your days.  The food is fantastic and affordable in most places, with a variety of great Italian food vendors and restaurants to choose from.  If shopping is your thing, you can spend weeks shopping and never see the same place twice. 

     A large number of concerts and shows are available to see and the nightlife is everywhere for the adventurous.  Everything from discos and night clubs to the friendly neighborhood bar. 

     You will not run short of things to see and do in Italy.  Make Rome a top destination to visit on your vacation schedule.  You will not regret your visit to the once great Roman Empire. 

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