Here are more great ideas you can use to get free publicity.

Idea 7

     Write a human interest story about how you went from a below average person to a financial success.  The media loves to tell stories of rags-to-riches.  They actually set-aside space to tell these heart touching stories.  These stories are an inspiration to others.  People read and think – if he can do it – so can I.  

     Write a short story Clickmagick 180150 Bannerabout yourself, your struggles and how you finally made it.  Make the story personable with some detail so people can relate more easily.  Be sure to publish your story – so others can read it.  Whether you write and article, a biography or a book, be sure to get the media involved.  If your story is interesting enough the media will jump all over it. 

Idea 8

     People tend to be nostalgic, yesterday was always better than today.  Find a way to associate your business with something that happened years ago.  The local library and the internet are a mine of historical information so try to search for something that relates to your business or product.   Anything historic, traditional or old-fashioned that you can link your business or product to – may be just what you need to catch your customers eye.  It could be something that  your customers would be interested in knowing. 

     When your research reveals that special something you  are looking for , take notes, write an article about it and then publish the article on your website, or on an article database as well as on social media sites.  The media may spot your article and contact you about it but if they do not be sure to send copies of your article to the media.  

Idea 9

     Think of something that no other business in your niche has done before and do it.  Or perhaps think of something that has been done and do it better.  Make an unusual offer or money back guarantee about your product.  Maybe offer a unique service.  Use your imagination – you may be surprised at your results. 

     Anything done for the first time always draws media attention.  Strive for something that the public has never seen before – or maybe something that you have improved or produced at a much lesser cost than anyone has ever done.  If you can do any of this – curiosity will drive people and the media to your door.  When the media gets a hold of it – the publicity snowball will be on an unstoppable downhill roll. 


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