Obama laughing 180x136 image   Breaking news 17 July 2116.  The president’s lack of concern for all lives in favor of black lives only – has just come home to roost again.  News reports now being aired are saying 6 Baton Rouge Officers were just shot – 3 of the police officers are now reported to have died.  Does this make you happy Mr. President?  What great comments do you have this time.  That is NOT NEWS to be smiling about Mr. President!

     Personally, I consider this a direct result of the encouragement given by President Obama to all radicals and minorities that are discontented.  ISIS followers seem to be taking their cue from President Obama’s  speech after each attack.  Obama is sending a clear signal that if you break the law and are confronted by law enforcement – he will certainly speak on your behalf. 

     It is time the President realizes that he is President of all Americans – not just disgruntled Americans.  Obama should resign his office in favor of anyone, because almost anyone could be doing a better job.  What Obama has been saying and doing is a disgrace.  Shame on you Mr. President!

     In case you did not realize it Mr. President, the crusades were over a thousand years ago, and the civil war ended one hundred fifty years ago.  Speaking to the subject of the American civil war – internet research shows that less than 6% of Americans were slave owners.  My ancestors fought for the North to free the slaves.  By the way Mr. President – you do not know anything about slavery.  That experience was forced on helpless individuals hundreds of years ago.  And if white people are so terrible, remember it was the millions of white people that voted to put you into the Oval Office.  The only regret white’s have about voting you into the highest office in the United States – is that you have and are continuing to betray the trust that they placed in you with their votes. 

Hillary is just a continuation of your policies Mr. President. 

It is time for a change America.       Vote Donald Trump!


Wejus Pendit


 (A vote for Hillary is a vote to continue the current polices of President Obama to import terror onto U.S. soil!)

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