Omar Mateen 5It is time to close the door to immigrants that do not subscribe to the same Christian principles that our forefathers founded this nation on.  Omar Mateen, a home grown terrorist, whose parents were allowed into the United States, walked in to an Orlando night club and opened fire on innocent people who were there to have a good time.   

Great numbers of potential terrorists are being arrested by the FBI, a Google search will confirm this statement.  Yet President Obama continues to bring in large numbers of people from countries that are sworn enemies of the United States.  What is the President’s agenda? Why do American citizens continue to elect people to the highest office in our land – when we know or at least suspect that these people support polices that continue to make our once great society weaker and weaker.

Hillary Clinton supports the efforts of President Obama to continue to dilute the beliefs of our American heritage and the safety of U.S. citizens.  If we are having this much trouble by bringing all these undesirable immigrants to our once great country – what will it be like for our children and our grandchildren.   

This open door policy to people of the world that come from ideologies so  radical to the peaceful societies of the Western World,  by the Obama administration and heavily supported by Hillary Clinton –  must stop!

Something must be done Now,  Before it is too late!

Obviously, the President and Hillary – will try to spin this situation against the Second Amendment rights of the American people.  Restricting guns will not stop disasters from happening.  If some of the people killed in Pulse Nightclub had been armed – then it is likely that the Islamic Terrorist killer, Omar Mateen may have been stopped before so many innocent people were murdered senselessly.  Taking guns from the hands of law abiding citizens is not the answer.  People kill people – not the guns.  If guns are taken from law abiding citizens – then only criminals and terrorists will have the guns.  How many more disasters – such as this nightclub massacre and worse, will happen once the law abiding population has been disarmed.    

Be careful who you vote for in the upcoming election.

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Posted 13 June 2016                                                                                                               by Wejus Pennedit