Online Marketing Tools and Software

Like any other business there will be some expenses in starting it up. The tools , or software, you use can make the work much easier and for many it can make an impossible task very possible.
Of course, if you have a head for doing internet marketing then you can choose to use some of the various software’s that are available or do it all manually. However, the old saying says, “Time is money”. So one must consider software’s that are not only useful in doing things that we do not understand but also we must consider using software’s that save considerable time which allows one to spend more time on more important tasks for our business.
Therefore this site will endeavor to bring from time to time information about software tools that are available to help us with the development and management of a website etcetera.
Please check back from time to time and see the latest posts and updated information.
Domains and Websites
Namecheap is an inexpensive domain registry service. Namecheap is easy to work with and one of the better domain registry services to work with. FIP recommends Namecheap as a dependable domain registrar. To access Namecheap: Register You Domain Name
Hostgator is a highly recommended website hosting service. Presently they are hosting websites for under $5 a month depending on the plan you choose. Hostgator works very closely with what is arguably the best website builder available (WP is a free website builder that can be accessed from inside Hostgator) To access Hostgator: Click here for webhosting
FREE Online marketing course
This Free Online Marketing course teaches how to start making money online is 14 days or less. The course emphasizes the use of a few tools that level the playing field for beginners. Use of the recommended software’s will allow a person with no internet marketing experience, to actually setup a sales funnel and begin making money within 14 days. This course teaches also how to use an auto-responder, a link generator and a special software to enhance your sales. Get Free access to the online course here. To access the Free training: Free Online Marketing Course

Below are a few of the tools recommended in the Free online course.

Online marketing tools
Getresponse is a very easy to learn auto-responder that sends out your preset email messages and collects all your email addresses but also gives you statistics and offers other useful services. The cost of Getresponse is very affordable and the quality of service is great. To access the Getresponse auto-responder: Get Your Autoresponder
Link Generator and Report service
Clickmagick is a very helpful service that provides much needed, generated links for your to use in marketing your product, as well as daily reports. This is a much needed tool for online marketers ad Clickmagick is highly recommended. Cost is only a few dollars a month. To access Clickmagick: Get Clickmagick
Personal website spyware
Mouseflow is a very useful spyware that allows you to see what visitors are doing on your own personal website. The information can be invaluable for a person who is serious about making money online. Cost of the spyware is nominal around $20 a month. To access Mouseflow: Get Mouseflow
Every business has some overhead – the cost of the above tools are more than worth the value of their usefulness. The use of these tools can save you hundreds of hours in personal labor which will give you more time for actual marketing. The expense is well worth it.