Retargeting Pixels

     Retargeting is what separates the amateurs from the pros in online marketing. Learn how to Retarget.  If people are visiting your website, then it is absolutely essential that you are remarketing to them.  Retargeting allows you to track users that have visited your website and then serve them ads on other websites after they have left.

      Remarketing can increase your conversion rates by up to 70%.  Don’t pass up this opportunity!  Learn the best way to turn leads to conversions after they’ve left your landing page.  An online marketer that is not a master of Retargeting will simply watch his leads walk out the door without ever looking back.  Learn to keep that from happening and never waste a lead again!

This 90 Minute Tutorial + 77-Page PDF Reveals how to:


  • Increase traffic to your blog by 75%thru native FaceBook ads (min 16)
  • Increase traffic to your blog by 75%thru native FaceBook ads (min 16
  • Set up simple ads totarget your fans and sell your stuff (min 23)
  • Understand your FB metrics tomake sure you are PROFITABLE (min 48)
  • Create carousel ads to promote 5 products with 1 ad, and5x your return (min 61)
  • Create lookalike audiences toreach 1.9 million people with 1 click (min 78)


     Learn how to Add Audience Pixels to YOUR Websites and Legally Follow Your Prospects All Over the Internet! 


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