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  1. Come visit the home of the great artist, Salvador Dali.  Barcelona, Spain is full of Spanish culture and many great places to visit like the Gothic Quarter and the Basilica of The Sagrada Familia.  In all there are more than 2,000 great things to see and do.  Come visit Spain and have the time of your life.       Book now!
  2. Lisbon, Portugal, boasts of many great museums with a rich history and culture of the Portuguese. There are more than 1,000 things to see and do, so do not miss the Lisbon Ocean-aquarium or the Museo da Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian.    Fares are cheap and hotels are great.     Book it now and enjoy life in the old country.
  3. Bangkok, Thailand, is full of fun and culture. Do not miss the Golden Palaces, floating markets or the Grand Palace.  There are more than 1,400 things to see and do in Bangkok and the nite night has something for everyone. 

            For more information about Thailand go to Finditplace.com  – travel section – and read the article entitled – Why You Should Visit Thailand.

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  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is full of colorful homes and great architecture.   There are great canals and beautiful bridges throughout the city.  There are over 1,200 things to see and do and you will not want to miss seeing Canal Street or Anne Frank’s House.

            Hotels and rooming houses are great for the money.  Some of the rooms you would swear are from the home of royalty.  Amsterdam is a great experience.               Book it now!

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina, has more than 1,200 things to see and do.  Do not forget to pack your dancing shoes because Argentina is the birthplace of the seductive and enchanting dance, the tango.   Buenos Aires is full of fantastic museums and an abundance of the Latin culture.   Come enjoy the culture of South America in Argentina. 
  2. Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is a little closer to home but the location is well worth the visit. It is a great scuba diving spot with allot of great historical and cultural places to visit. With more than 500 things to see and do you would not want to miss Aventuras Mayas or the Coba Mayan Traditions.  Hotels are great and prices are available for any budget.          Book now and enjoy Mexico.     
  3. Istanbul, Turkey, is last but certainly not least on the list. With over 2,000 things to see and do, one could fill up days and weeks just going through the many mosques, bazaars and Turkish baths in Istanbul.  Some of the more notable places to visit are the Kariye Museum (The Chora Church) and the Sultanahmet District.

            Enjoy your visit to Istanbul and make plenty of memories.

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