Donald Trump 2Donald Trump’s  stance is for the safety and well being of U.S. citizens. 

     Although the media continues to not report much of the Muslim anti U.S. activities – carried out by Arab-Americans – Trump points out that after the terrorist cowards flew their 2 hijacked planes into the twin towers on 9/11 – there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating the event in New Jersey.  Trump says that such public demonstrations “tell us something” about Muslims living in the United States.  It also speaks to the insane policy of President Obama to continue bringing into the United States more of these undesirable, America Hating, demonic individuals.   Vote Donald Trump and end this madness!

     There should be surveillance on all U.S. mosques.  Muslims should be tracked by law enforcement as a counter terrorism initiative.  As a matter of fact – political correctness is utter nonsense, this writer believes that protecting American lives is more important than being politically correct.  The FBI and other law enforcement agencies should begin, immediately, watching mosques and those who support them.   Vote Donald Trump and end this madness!

     Donald Trump would attack and weaken Muslim militants by cutting off their access to oil as well as the revenue that pays for all their arms, bombs and training – so these terrorist, demonic dogs can no longer carry out their cowardly attacks against innocent people.  Vote Donald Trump and end this madness

     Donald Trump will build a great wall along the U.S. and Mexico border.  Many of the people who are crossing the United States – Mexico border  are criminals.  Not only drug smugglers but also radical Muslim terrorists are reported to crossing the border illegally.  Since crossing the border without entering through a U.S. border point is illegal – that means that everyone that enters illegally is a criminal – in a manner of speaking.  The criminals that cross the border illegally are bringing drugs, crime and many are rapists.  A wall on the United States – Mexico border will not only keep undocumented immigrants out of the U.S. but will also keep out undesirable terrorist elements as well.  (Trump says he will get Mexico to pay the cost of building the wall)  Vote Donald Trump and end this madness

     A mass deportation of illegal immigrants living in the United States should be go into effect as soon as possible.  Trump says his deportation plan is achievable and humane.  The children of illegal aliens who are born in the United States will no-longer become citizens because they are born on U.S. soil.  Trump does not support this path to citizenship for undocumented workers.  Vote Donald Trump and end this madness!   

     In the wake of the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California, Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas – admittance of Muslims into the United States should cease.  There should be “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our countries representatives can figure out what is going on”. 

  Vote Donald Trump and put an end this madness on American soil

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(A vote for Hillary is a vote to continue the current polices of Obama to import terror onto U.S. soil)




Penned by,  Wejus Pendit


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