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     The South Island of New Zealand is a beautiful, unpretentious and scenic vacation spot.  It is not the cheapest place in the world to visit but  if you want to have a great vacation it is well worth the cost and you will have a fantastic adventure for your money. 

There are many great places to visit is this pristine, sparsely populated part of the world.  New Zealand is especially nice for nature lovers since it is fraught with beautiful forests, high mountains, ancient glaciers,  areas that are barren and arid as well as some places with beautiful, serene lakes.  

Some of the wonderful sites to see in New Zealand would include places like the Pancake Rocks of Punaikaiki.  The Pancake Rocks are a natural rock formation which formed before the recording of time.  Although, surrounded by cliffs the formation is easy to access by the many trails winding through the surrounding rocks and cliffs.  This is certainly a great site to visit especially for those who love to be close to nature. 

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     There are a number of great areas to visit but they are too numerous to mention in the space allowed for this article.  If you are interested in visiting New Zealand for its scenic beauty be sure to research the many wonderful places to visit in the mountains.  Mount Cook boasts of great hiking trails, mountain climbing as well as skiing and cycling.  Nights on the mountain make you feel like you can touch the stars.  Before you leave Mount Cook be sure to see the glacial lakes, they are well worth the time and effort.

     With many adventures to undertake in New Zealand, you will not fall short of great thinks to do.  Be sure to visit the Fiordland National Park and do not pass up the Milford Sound Cruise – it is a top travel destination.            

     Accommodations in New Zealand can be a bit pricy but the food is an experience you will not quickly forget.  Lamb, beef and seafood are all on the bill of fare.  The cafes are affordable, the food is quite pleasant and the portions are more than sufficient for the average eater.

      There are many places to shop and things to buy.  Be sure and bring home a bottle of great Newland wine and  some Manuka Honey.  New Zealand may sound expensive – and it probably is for most of us but it is certainly worth it – it is a once in a life time adventure you will never forget.

     Book early, plan well and stick to your budget.  It is well worth it.

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