Jessica Higdon 800x533 Founded in 2008, by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Scholmer, My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a state of the art lead generation system which includes personal branding as well as an up to date network marketing training platform that teaches attraction marketing.

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     MLSP offers a customizable sales funnel which allows network marketers to brand themselves as professionals.  As a community of marketing professionals, MLSP’s Rock Star Marketers provide valuable training to help members succeed in this industry.  With a training library that offers 100’s of video webinars on numerous topics, and a live weekly training webinar  – the training offered is the most up-to-date that can be found online.   

     The MLSP system will assist you in generating qualified leads in whatever niche you are endeavoring to pursue.  In addition to generating qualified leads for your marketing business, as a member of MLSP you can also make money when someone follows your lead by joining MLSP.

     Not only is MLSP valuable to seasoned marketers – it is especially valuable to beginners in the online network marketing industry.  No matter what product or niche you are promoting – MLSP offers invaluable, FREE information and training.   Because you will be offering FREE training that will help struggling marketers build their business, they will gladly provide you with their contact information in exchange for this training.  This lead that you generated will be inside your sales funnel and if the lead decides to join MLSP – you will earn a nice commission and continue to earn a commission every month this person continues to use the MLSP platform.   

As a MLSP member you will have FREE access to Funded Proposals – that is – FREE offers like MLSP Training, which you will be able to offer your potential customers – so your customers will be able to promote your products more quickly and effectively.  You offer your visitors FREE training and they provide you with their contact information.  This visitor now becomes a highly targeted lead.   

As you start generating leads and building your email list the auto-responder provided to you by MLSP will assist you in developing your relationship with your leads.  Pre-written messages will be automatically sent to your leads.  These emails will contain valuable training information that will brand you as a network marketing leader.

    If you are ready to start network marketing with the big-boys of the industry – grow your business – brand yourself – and make your future a success – then take a few minutes to watch this video.  You will not be sorry!

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