What is so Important About Publicity?

     In order to get visitors coming to your business you need exposure so people can find you.  If people cannot find you then they cannot buy anything from you.  That is common sense. 

     The problem is how to get people to know about and find your business.  This is doubly true for an online business.  The answer is publicity and plenty of it. 

     How to get free publicity for your enterprise is the next problem.  Some businesses pay allot of money for publicity.  They advertise on television or radio but that is too costly for most people.  Many people place their products on a website but with millions of sites and billions of products their site is hard to find by potential customers.  Without money, both methods are doomed to failure.     

     The only remaining possibility is to do it yourself.  There are some methods for you to use in acquiring free or low-cost publicity for your business.  Where does one begin?   For an online business – driving traffic to your website can be a daunting task.  Any free publicity you can find that will drive traffic to your site is well worth the effort.  Take advantage of as much free publicity as you can find.     

     Almost any publicity is great for your business.  The facts are that all media sources are very hungry for news worthy stories.  Television, radio, newspapers and periodicals etcetera are all potential sources to give you publicity if you have something news worthy for them. 

     FinditPlace.com is going to publish several articles that will help you find free media to advertise your business and will also give you some great ideas on how to generate enough interest for the media to want to help you advertise your business for free. 

     The first free installment on how to get free publicity will be posted on FinditPlace.com in the next few days.  I expect there will be at least 4 articles with great ideas for you to get free media.                                      

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