bible-276x196     The category, “What the Bible Says” is a category devoted to discussing what the Bible has to say without using outside resources.  An outside source is merely someone’s opinion about something.  It is the Holy Spirit that should be our source.  Bible topics are discussed strictly from a Biblical point of view.  Obviously there will be some who disagree about certain Biblical positions but all conclusions represented on this site were reached after years of reading the whole Bible and accumulating hundreds of pages of notes. 

      I submit that if anyone disagrees with anything, feel free to send your written disagreement – but if you do please include exact Bible verses taken in context and no quotes from outside sources.  If you do not support your comments then I am not too inclined to pay attention.

     The only outside source that may be acceptable to support your position – may be a dictionary written to explain word definitions as the word was meant to be understood by our ancestors.  I am interested in the definition of words – as the Bible authors meant for the words to be understood – when the Bible was first penned. 

     Glory to God and may He guide my words always!