summer_beach_197261Thailand is an inexpensive, vibrant country with many cultural and historical places to visit. The night life has something for everyone and some places never sleep. There are hotels for under $20 a night and the food is both inexpensive, healthy and great tasting for the most part. For the thrifty minded traveler it is very possible to live in Thailand for under $20 a day, which includes both food and accommodations.

The weather in Thailand is mostly warm all year round but there are months when one can expect rain to go with the heat. With some of the best beaches in the world, Thailand boasts of warm, clear water with allot of marine life making it a great place for divers and those who like to snorkel.

Aside from the capitol city, Bangkok, another great place to visit is Chiang Mai. In the north, Chiang Mai City enjoys cooler and milder weather all year round. The people are both friendly and accommodating.
Patong Beach, Phuket is the country’s most popular beach. Soft white sands combined with the warm coastal water and great living accommodations make Phuket Island a very popular destination for tourists. As in the city, the night life is also very lively.

Pattaya is famous for its night life. In addition to the local bar scene there are a number of discos and night clubs where one can dance until dawn. The most lively area is called Walking Street.
Domestic travel within Thailand is both easy and inexpensive except in the peak season. One can fly to almost any Thai destination round trip for under $100. In the cities the local taxis are easy to find and also inexpensive.
So plan your visit and enjoy whatever you have in mind. The people of Thailand are always smiling – for the most part – and they welcome visitors with open arms.

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